Monday, April 28, 2014

The Magic of One Kick

I forgot what an amazing feeling it is to feel our sweet baby moving around inside of me, what a miracle! I've started feeling the first kicks of our baby and they are getting stronger and happening more often. This little one seems to be more active than Jackson which scares me a little for what we may have in store for us. 

Life has become normal for us again, at least the new normal in a new town but we are happy to finally have our own home again! We sold our home in Fort Worth and had a tough time finding our new house but we are finally settled in our new town of Katy, Texas. 

I wish I could catch up on the last several months that I missed blogging but I am afraid that would be impossible, I just don't have that kind of time on my hands. We've had a lot of fun, made a lot of memories and had some pretty big life changes.

Biggest life change, Jackson is going to be a big brother! Baby brother or sister will be arriving late September. We should be finding out in the next couple of weeks if we are having a boy or a girl and I cant wait!

Here is Jackson making the announcement to the world 

Depending on Jackson's mood he either completely denies the existence of the baby in Mommy's belly or he can be really sweet and give my belly kisses and tell the baby he loves it. We'll see how it all works out when the baby actually arrives and really rocks his world. 

Here are my boys giving the baby some loving

We are getting settled in our new house and Jackson really seems to love it here. He is always happy to give guests a tour of the house. We have a wonderful park in our neighborhood with lots of trees and he loves it when we make the walk down there to play. The only thing missing now is Jack and I need to start getting involved in some activities here so we can get out of the house more and Jackson and I can make some new friends. 

I have tons and tons of pictures but I'm going to try to pick a few that show you what we've been up to since we started our new life here. 

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt with cousin Walker

Bath time with cousin Tate when he came to see the new house

Celebrating my 30th Birthday

helping Mom blow out her candles

Enjoying his new backyard

Decorating Easter eggs in the sun room

Checking out his Easter basket

He loves being in the water!

Hanging out with cousins at the zoo

Feeding the Giraffes with Honey

Being silly in the bluebonnets

The growing Hueske Family (missing pawpaw)

I'm missing Jackson right now, he is hanging out with Honey and Hobby for a couple days. We are very happy now that both sets of grandparents are only a little over an hour away now and we all get to spend a lot more time together! I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Spooktacular Fun

I know it's been a while since I last wrote a blog post and to tell you the truth I've been kind of down in the dumps about all our terrible luck with selling our house. We had a buyer and we lost a buyer and that was a pretty tough pill to swallow, just when we were getting excited and looking at houses poof our buyer was gone and it was back to square one. I miss Stroller Strides, my friends, our old routine, having our own space and most of all Adam not having to commute a total of 3 hours a day leaving us with little time together during the week and a very worn out Adam. To say it's been a tough couple months would be a huge understatement!

Not long ago a turning point came for me, after losing our last buyer I realized I had to toughen up and stay strong for Jackson and that I needed to look at all the blessings that I do have in my life! I think our biggest blessing is Jackson, he brings so much joy to our life and makes every day worth living to the fullest, I can't thank God enough for giving us the privilege of being his parents! We also have a lot of other blessings like Adam's job, he seems to be really enjoying it and we are blessed to have such wonderful family that has taken us in and done everything they can to help make this time a little easier. 

It wasn't long ago Adam told me something his great grandpa, Pop told him, your hardships sure are a blessing for the rest of us. Which is true all this extra time Jackson is getting to spend with his grandparents and great grandparents has been wonderful and he is forming such a wonderful bond with each of them! The whole reason Adam & I uprooted our perfectly wonderful and happy life in Fort Worth was because of them, family. When Adam and I set down at the beginning of the year and talked about what was most important to us the answer was without a doubt family. We knew that what was best for all of us was being close to our families and letting them be a big part of Jackson's life. So here we are achieving our goals and I know with time God's plan will unfold for us and all these hard times will be a distance memory. So if you want to send a couple prayers our way we would be thankful!

Here are some of the wonderful moments we might have missed if we weren't in this situation and we are sure glad we didn't...

Getting a chance to help Pop blow out his candles on his 80th Birthday!

Getting a chance to be in the parade with his Pawpaw at the demolition derby

and watching his Pawpaw on pens and needles in the derby with his Pop and Aunt Joyce

I've never seen anything like it he was so intently watching the whole time and when I put him in bed that night he said car, pawpaw, tractor, it was adorable 

Having us all together for Pop's 80th birthday Party!

Going to the Pumpkin Patch with Aunt Abi and Uncle David

Jackson picking out his pumpkin 

Tractor ride at the pumpkin patch with Grammy

Painting a Hay Barrel for Halloween, that is definitely not something city boys do!

Painting his pumpkin

He had a ton of fun!

He got the paint all over himself too!

helping Mom and Dad carve their pumpkins

Spending lots of fun time with his cousin Walker

His great love of beep beep

Getting to hang out at Happy Hour, he fits right in 

Tractor rides with Dad, he can't stop talking about "a big tractor"

Working on making friends with the cows by feeding them hay from my pumpkin, he says "here you go cows" and throws them the hay, melt my heart

Attending the Halloween Carnival at Honey and Hobby's church with his cousins

He turned into some brave little toddler whole excitedly climbed up the "dump truck" and slid down without one once of hesitation, what happen to my little baby!

We love our little cow, it was absolutely the most fitting costume for our little cow obsessed boy!

cousin cheetah Katy was always there by his side to lend a hand if he needed one

Hobby giving the cow a lift

Daddy helping lead the way for his cow

So you see all the hardship has come with a lot of wonderful times that have filled our hearts with so much love and joy. I'm pretty sure both our boys (Jackson and Trigger) are really going to miss the country when our time living here ends but luckily we will only be an hour and fifteen minutes away so we will be back to visit often! We have already had so much fun celebrating Halloween it's hard to believe it's not till this Thursday, we will be going to the church carnival here in Brenham since it's pretty hard to trick or treat in the country. Have a great week!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Country Living - Adventures of Brenham & Such

We've been living in Brenham for a little over two weeks now and for the most part we have all adjusted well. We are missing our old routine and friends but we've been having some fun new adventures. If our house would hurry up and sell so we could start looking for a new one I would be feeling pretty good. Unfortunately it's not which is very stressful and Adam's hour and half commute every day is wearing us down, we are really missing having Daddy around! Jackson has become like a third arm and doesn't want me to go anywhere without him, I think I'm the only thing that hasn't changed so he is clinging to me for dear life. Hopefully Grammy and Pawpaw don't get sick of us anytime soon because it looks we are going to be here for a while. 

Don't get me wrong we are having a great time living with Grammy and Pawpaw out in the country with the cows and the chickens! Jackson goes on golf cart rides every day and checks on the cows and the chickens and has made several appearances at happy hour. I think he has really enjoyed how large his yard has gotten, if I would let him he would spend every waking hour running around the pasture with the dogs and the cows.  Here are some pictures from our country living...

We discovered that HEB is a way better grocery store and has awesome carts!

We went to Aggie Family Night and got to ride the Antique Carousel

Grammy was so kind to ride the train with Jackson!

I had fun swinging with my Dad when he got there

I got some new rubber boots to go stomping around in the country

Jack likes wearing his boots all the time

Trying out his boots in a puddle

Afternoon golf cart ride with Mom waiting for Dad to get home

We fed the "horsey" some corn and lettuce, Jack loved it!

Grammy got Jack some new shoes and he is obsessed, he either requests the rubber boots or these new nikes in the morning

Helping Dad give Trigger a bath

 Jackson's set up under the nice big trees, he has got it good here

Having fun with the water hose

He thought it was pretty fun when Hunter joined him in the pool

pushing his dump truck around the yard

Getting his spa treatment after bath time with Grammy

Besides hanging out in the country we have also gotten the opportunity to catch up with friends we haven't gotten to see in a while. Jack and I went to College Station last week and had lunch with Pamela and we also got to attend her baby shower this past weekend. It has nice getting to see Pamela twice in one week, that hasn't happened in a long time! Mike and Michelle were kind enough to invite us over for a delicious BBQ one Saturday afternoon. We've really enjoyed seeing all these people we missed so much!

Avery and Jackson having fun at the BBQ

We've been fortunate that Josh and Lindsey live in the Sugar Land area and they've been allowing us to stay with them once a week. Jack and I get everything packed up and head to Sugar Land and have lots of fun hanging out with Lindsey and Walker while we wait on Daddy to come home. It's wonderful to have Adam's commute cut down and actually get to spend some time with him at night. We are also enjoying all the fun time we've been getting hanging out with the Woods Family. Here are some pictures from our adventures with them...

Before we went to see the Woods, we went to the Woodlands with Cousins, Jackson and Emily had a blast on the Carousel

So did Katy and Travis

He really loves riding on the horsey!

We went to an awesome indoor playground, Jackson however was scared, like I said he is attached to me lately, that's Walker behind him happily climbing up while Jackson cried for me to get him down

Walker giving Jackson hugs before we went home

Doing some coloring with Walker last Thursday

Giving his cousin a ride in his favorite toy at Walker's house

The next visit we tried out Inflatable Katy, I thought for sure Jackson would love this he always plays in them at Birthday parties, I was wrong I had to climb all over those things trying to get him to play, here we are trying to convince him to go down the slide

Mom had to go down with him!

Meanwhile fearless Walker has no issue 

Jackson was more into the snacks and trying to escape out the front door

I'm so glad we are getting a chance to spend some time with Josh, Lindsey and Walker. Jackson and Walker are becoming great friends when they aren't trying to steal each others toys. We've really enjoyed exploring the area where we will be living hopefully very soon! 

We are a thankful bunch, thankful we have wonderful family that has taken us in and been so generous, thankful for Josh and Lindsey letting us stay to help with the commute, Thankful for all the help from family and friends. I asks for your prayers as we try to get our house sold, I know God has a plan and I am trying my hardest to put my trust in him and know that he has a plan for us. Adam's new job is going great and he seems to be enjoying it, we are very thankful for Adam's new job! I'll try to keep you updated with our happenings! Have a great week!